Philosophy: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow - PYTT Conference

PYTT Program Committee

Below is the list of PYTT Program Committee members for the Philosophy: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow Conference:

Program Chair

 Prof. Paul Snowdon Professor and Head
Department of Philosophy
University of College London


 Prof. Tangjia Wang School of Philosophy
Fudan University


Program Committee

Prof. Joseph Asike Chair, Department of Philosophy
Howard University
Assoc. Prof. Hye-Kyung Kim Chair
Philosophy/Humanistic Studies
University of Wisconsin – Green Bay

Assoc. Prof. Mark Webb Chairman
Department of Philosophy 
Texas Tech University

Prof. David Lewin University of California

Prof. Derek Matravers  Media Fellow, Arts Faculty
The Open University

Prof. Peter K. Schotch Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Department of Philosophy 
Dalhousie University

Prof. Duncan Pritchard Chair of Epistemology
Deputy Head of School & Philosophy Research Director
Director, Eidyn Research Centre
School of Philosophy, Psychology & Language Sciences
University of Edinburgh

Assoc. Prof. Jamie Muir Department of Philosophy
University of Winnipeg

Assoc. Prof. Nebojsa Kujundzic Department of Philosophy
University of Prince Edward Island


Prof. Eros Corazza Department of Philosophy
Carleton University

Prof. Daniel D. Hutto Professor of Philosophical Psychology
School of Humanities and Social Enquiry
Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts
Arts Building, University of Wollongong NSW

Prof. Robin Attfield School of English, Communication & Philosophy
Cardiff University
Dr Deborah Brown School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics
The University of Queensland

Prof. Vanessa Lemm Head of School
School of Humanities and Languages
University of New South Wales

Assoc. Prof. Proyash Sarkar Department of Philosophy
Jadavpur University
Asst. Prof. Satya Sundar Sethy Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Prof. Subhashchandra Bhelke Department of Philosophy
University of Pune
Asst. Prof. Priya M Vaidya Department of Philosophy
University of Mumbai
Prof. Devendra Nath Tiwari Faculty of Arts
Department of Philosophy and Religion
Banaras Hindu University [BHU]

Dr. Sucheta Sen Chaudhuri Head and Associate Professor
Centre for Indigenous Cultural Studies
Central University of Jharkhand
Asst. Prof. Jayanta Vishnu Das Department of Cultural Studies
Tezpur University

Asst. Prof. Parasmoni Dutta Department of Cultural Studies
Tezpur University

Becoming A Program Committee Member / Reviewer:

Interested in becoming a Program Committee member?

Please send email to addressing to The Organizing Committee expressing your intent to become a PC member and attach your updated CV

What are the roles of every Program Committee member?

Generally, the following are the roles of every committee member (please note these roles depend on the availability of your time):

  • Provide input/advice about the conference theme and topics.
  • Review papers and the number will depend on the availability of your schedule
  • Help to disseminate/circulate the call for papers announcements to your list of contacts (faculty, peers and research students).

Benefits of being a TPC

  • Enhance your knowledge in you field of expertise through latest research and updates submitted
  • To increase your exposure in the academic field as an expert to the related fields
  • Access to latest research and findings in your field of expertise
  • Add into your credentials to help you in your career advancement
  • You may potentially be invited as Keynote Speaker
  • To avail concession on the registration fee of attending the conference

Your details will be added in the list of Technical Program Committee. We also provide certificate / letter of appointment by request.

For more information, please visit: FAQ